• 2-way 1-10 V control unit MIX
  • Base module MIX
  • Can be upgraded to maximum of 6 channels
  • Free combination of switches, dimming, blinds and heating control as well as binary inputs
  • Switching and dimming of lighting circuits in combination with electronic ballasts (EBs and ballasts LED)
  • 1-10V inputs and one switch output (relay contact) per channel
  • LED switching status display for each channel
  • Manual switch with On/Off/Bus settings (also without bus voltage)
  • With crossover switching to spare the relay contact
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Technical data

Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ≤10 mA
Operating voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Frequency 50 Hz
Stand-by consumption 1.6 W
Capacity loss max. 2.4 W
Width 4 modules
Installation type DIN rail
Type of connection Terminal screws | Bus connection: KNX bus terminal
Max. cable cross section Solid wire: 0.5 mm² (Ø 0.8) to 6 mm² | Stranded wire with end sleeve: 0.5 mm² to 4 mm²
Number of channels 2
Type of contact NO contact, 16 A, 10 A
Opening width < 3 mm
Switching output Potential-free
Voltage output 230 V AC
Frequency output 50 Hz
Inrush current 400 A (150 µs), 200 A (600 µs)
Resistive load 3680 W
Incandescent/halogen lamp load 2500 W
Capacitive load 140 µF
Voltage input 1 – 10 V
Signal current input max. 100 mA
Signal duration Continuous
Max. cable length 500 m
Ambient temperature -5°C … 45°C
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 730-1


Tender text DOC SMG-2-S-KNX_4910273_D-.doc (24,6 kB)
Hand book PDF SMG2_SMG2S_V1_1_1101 (443,1 kB)
Operating instructions PDF KNX-SMG-2-S_SME-2-S (392,1 kB)
KNX-Database (Single Product) ZIP MIX (1,7 MB)
CAD symbol ZIP CAD_SMG2SKNX (113,6 kB)
Data sheet PDF SMG 2 S KNX (438,8 kB)
Brochure PDF KNX home and building control brochure (5,9 MB)
Catalogue PDF General catalogue 2022 (35,1 MB)

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