PlanoSpot 360 KNX DE WH


  • Passive infra-red presence detector KNX for ceiling installation in false ceilings
  • Square detection area 360°, 7 x 7 m, (49 m2) at mounting height 3 m
  • 3 channels light and 2 channels presence
  • Automatic presence- and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC
  • Two differently sized detection zones for greater flexibility. Adjustable via parameters or remote control.
  • Manual alignment of the detection area (swivel mechanism)
  • Mixed light measurement suitable for fluorescent lamps (FL/PL/ESL), halogen/incandescent lamps and LEDs
  • 3 directed light measurements
  • 2 light channels C1, C2 with 2 light measurements and additional lighting channel C3 without brightness factor
  • Switched or constant light control with 2 independent control systems and standby function (orientation light)
  • Switching mode with dimmable lighting
  • Fully or semi-automatic
  • Brightness switching value or set point value can be set in lux by using parameters, the object or via remote control
  • Teach-in of the brightness switching value or the set point value
  • Light time delay configurable
  • Self-learning time delay can be set using parameters, object or via remote control
  • Reduction of time delay when present briefly (short-term presence)
  • Manual override by telegram or remote control
  • 2 presence channels C4, C5, individually configurable
  • Switch-on delay and time delay configurable
  • Room monitoring with selective movement detection
  • Setting the room correction factor for brightness measurement comparison
  • Configurable sensitivity
  • Extremely simple setting of the energy-saving ratio with the new «eco plus» function
  • Test mode for checking function and detection area
  • Scenarios
  • Parallel switching of multiple presence detectors (Master/Slave or Master/Master)
  • Installation in false ceilings with springs
  • Surface mounting on ceilings possible with the AP-frame (optional)
  • User remote control «theSenda S» (optional)
  • Management remote control «SendoPro» (optional)
  • Installation remote control «theSenda P» (optional)
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