theRonda P360 KNX UP WH


  • Passive infra-red presence detector KNX for flush-mounted ceiling installation
  • Circular detection area 360°,Ø 24 m, (452 m2) at mounting height 3 m
  • 2 channels light and 2 channels presence
  • 2 channel light C1, C2 with 1 light measurement
  • 2 presence channels can be parametrized individually
  • Adaptable 1 channel light measurement
  • Mixed light measurement suitable for LEDs, fluorescent lamps (FL/PL/ESL) and halogen/incandescent lamps
  • Can be used as fully or semi-automatic, switchable
  • Switch or constant light control mode with stand-by function
  • Dimmable lighting in switch mode with stand-by function
  • Brightness switching value or set point value can be set in lux using parameters, on the device itself or via remote control
  • Teaching in of the brightness switching value or the set point value
  • Room correction factor setting for ­brightness measurement calibration
  • Light time delay can be set using parameters, on the device itself or via remote control
  • Switch on delay and time delay ­for presence can be set
  • Detection sensitivity can be set
  • Reduced time delay in the event of a shorter stay in the room (short presence)
  • Scenario functions
  • Test mode for checking function and detection range
  • Sensitivity adjustable
  • Detection area can be limited using cover clip
  • Manual override using telegram or remote control
  • Parallel switching of several detectors in Master/Slave or Master/Master possible
  • Ceiling installation in flush-mounted socket
  • Ceiling installation also possible with surface-mounted frame
  • User remote control and management-remote control (optional)
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