The Mura P180 KNX UP WH


  • Passive infrared presence detector for wall mounting flush-mounted
  • Rectangular detection area 170°, 14 x 17 m (238 m2) at 1.2 m mounting height
  • 2 channels light and 2 channels HVAC
  • Switching or constant light control with stand-by functionality (orientation light)
  • Dimmable lighting in switching mode with and without daylight influence
  • Simple adjustment of brightness measurement
  • Short-time presence
  • Selectable control speed
  • Aura function
  • Scene functionality
  • Integrated orientation light (white)
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Acoustic function
  • 2 binary inputs
  • 6 logic channels (AND, OR, XOR)
  • KNX Data-Secure
  • Operation as fully or semi-automatic possible
  • Integrated, freely parameterisable push-button (can be deactivated)
  • Manual override via external KNX push-button possible
  • One directional brightness measurement (mixed light measurement)
  • Teach-in function
  • Locking functions
  • HVAC channel without brightness influence
  • Switch-on delay and follow-up time of HVAC channel adjustable
  • Extension of the detection range by master/slave or master/master switching
  • Detection sensitivity adjustable
  • Test mode for checking function and detection range
  • Settings via ETS software (full range of functions)
  • Limited setting options with app/universal remote control theSenda B
  • Limited setting possibilities with service remote control theSenda P
  • With Theben cover frame
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Technical data

Measuring range brightness 5 – 3000 lx
Installation type Wall installation
Light switch-off delay 30 s – 60 min
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Presence switch-off delay 10 s – 120 min
Ambient temperature -15°C … 45°C
Colour White
Type of protection IP 20


Hand book PDF theMura P180 KNX UP WH (2,9 MB)
Operating instructions PDF theMura KNX (4,2 MB)
KNX-Database (Single Product) ZIP theMura P180 KNX UP WH (251,6 kB)
Data sheet PDF theMura P180 KNX UP WH (1,1 MB)
Brochure PDF Highlights 01/2023 (2,7 MB)
Brochure PDF Brochure: theMura Motion/presence detectors (1,8 MB)
Brochure PDF Highlights 02/2022 EN (6,9 MB)
Brochure PDF Highlights 01/2022 (5,1 MB)
Brochure PDF KNX home and building control brochure (5,9 MB)
Flyer PDF Flyer using light optimally (597,8 kB)
Catalogue PDF General catalogue 2022 (35,1 MB)

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